Business Needs

Is your company focused on gaining long term market share or immediate profits? What is the best source of current revenue and what other areas are you investigating? And just how often does your business model need to change to take advantage of market trends?

ERP and CRM systems provide “windows” into the state of your business and your customers. The solutions implemented by Njevity don’t just install that window, but let you change the focus of what you see. Working with our ISV partners we can give you a way to change your view and take action.

Need to see exactly where your products are in the supply chain at any given moment? Do you want to track your customer’s technical support case data and tie it to sales? Do you need to manage relationships between entities that aren’t in a conventional CRM system? We can help.

So many companies are still unable to take full advantage of their software systems. Either the systems themselves are rudimentary, or you are unable to take the time needed to design the right solution. The team at Njevity is so experienced with ERP and CRM solutions that we can learn your business, and think “outside the box” and maximize the return on your software investment. Let us help you solve those problems that always seem insurmountable. Contact us today and let us create the business tools you need to dominate your market.