Large implementation firms use established, inflexible processes to reduce project risks. Smaller businesses are nimble and react well to change, but you worry about their experience and longevity. Njevity combines the strengths from both of these business types to provide the security of working with a large firm, and the flexibility of a small business partner.

Through years of experience, Njevity has developed the SmartStart implementation methodology. This lets us implement your ERP or CRM solution for a fixed fee. We are using our expertise to reduce your risk, and here’s how it works

Njevity's SmartStart:

With over 50 years of collective experience implementing ERP and CRM systems Njevity has been able to develop a system that greatly reduces risk for our customers. We have crafted several packaged methodologies and can offer them for a fixed fee. Traditionally, most ERP and CRM consultants bill hourly. Hourly billing makes it difficult to manage scope creep, and hidden expectations. Our SmartStart packages can offer you a firm, fixed price in exchange for a reliable, positive outcome.

Our experienced consultants will meet with you and learn your business. As we work through your pain points, we develop a project that is tailored specifically to your needs. Once this is done, we can apply our modular SmartStart pricing to give you a fixed price to accomplish your goals. We believe this methodology is strong enough to face any challenge, so contact us today and we can work together to achieve your business goals, and maximize the ROI on your software investment.