Why wait?

With the economy slowing down I am hearing from sales prospects with more frequency they think they will wait for the economy to improve before buying new software.

When I ask the prospect if their problems with their current software will continue or even get worse the longer they continue on old software, I usually hear ‘yes’.

When also ask the prospect if the poor reporting capabilities of their old software is one of the reasons they are looking for new software, and I again hear a ‘yes’ , I am stunned.

If the old software is causing problems each day that it is being used and those problems are getting worse and if the old software is not providing complete, timely and accurate reports, why wait to purchase new software?

I ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have it serviced every 2,500 miles at my Harley dealership. Sometimes I get a call back from the dealer telling me that the front, the rear or sometimes both tires are close to needing to be replaced. I don’t hesitate. I always replace a marginal tire with new. After all, my physical health and maybe my life depend upon the reliability of my motorcycle. Why wait?

If you are a business owner and the health and maybe the life of your business is in the marginal or questionable category because of your business software, why wait?

With the advent of financing for software, services and hardware so that working capital allows for the continued operation and growth of your business, why wait?