Microsoft free webinars about business this week

Microsoft will be hosting webinars about business – all aspects of business! These webcasts span over three days (Tuesday the 14th to Wednesday the 16th) and talk to such topics as:
-The Power of Customers
-Work Less – Make More
-Cutting-Edge Technology
-Run Your Business from Anywhere
-How Your Chamber of Commerce Can Help
-Make Money, Not Excuses
and a bunch more!
[A more detailed guest lineup is available at]
Watch the Microsoft Small Business Summit.
Live Webcast October 14-16, 2008 (12 P.M. EDT/9 A.M. PDT)

Mortgage meltdowns … credit crunches … sky-high gasoline prices … large bank bailouts by the federal government … The financial news has been dismal, and small business owners have every reason to wonder, “If the big guys can’t survive, how am I going to make it?”
Here’s some good news for small business: For three days in mid-October, you can get help from experts in sales and marketing, finance, productivity, and technology. Mark your calendar so you won’t miss the FREE online Microsoft Small Business Summit: Three days of business wisdom, just when you need it most!