On Cloud Computing

With al the buzz about Cloud Computing I was planning on doing a post, but as I often find, Anne Stanton encapsulates my thoughts. Here is her post from a few days ago.

On Cloud computing
I added a new blog to my feeds and one of the first posts I read really rang a bell of truth. Needless to day I am sharing it here for those interested in the shift to the cloud.

The original Post is here with snippit below.

“Fellow TechWeb contributor Michael Biddick recently offered some great information on the cloud computing movement by taking a look at the factors that drive people to the clouds. He also addressed issues that keep people on the sidelines.

While cost was on the top of everyone’s mind, other things such as ‘going green,’ and fixing internal IT issues were among the motives that sent many in search of better IT on the Web. However, some people said “Not so fast,” especially when they considered the recent outages that demonstrated the downsides of depending upon SEI (Somebody Else’s Infrastructure). “

Posted by Anne Stanton on October 28, 2008 at 08:45 AM in Business Insights/Industry Buzz