Microsoft Dynamics GP for Dummies Book Review

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Dummies Book Review

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Someone was kind enough to loan me a copy of the new Microsoft Dynamics GP for Dummies book to review. I have to say that I found that the book provided surprisingly complete coverage of the core financial and distribution modules along with some interesting nuggets, such as coverage of the PSTL tools and brief coverage of Modifier. I found most of the advice to be right on including advice about not changing general journal information when posting through, void the sub-ledger transaction instead.

It won’t replace a good consultant of course. No book does a good enough job on the why behind the setup decisions you’ll need to make. But as a Microsoft MVP for Dynamics GP I’m always happy to see something that makes things easier for users.

My only quibble is that there was no coverage of the Journal Entry Correction functionality. It would have only taken an extra page or two in the book and seemed like a glaring omission given the coverage of other items in the book. But as I said, that’s a quibble.

I have to recommend this book for new users. It’s cheap enough and and it’s a much easier read than the GP manuals. Why can’t software companies write user manuals this way?

Posted by Mark 10/29/2008 12:01:00 PM