Making Things Happen NOW to Move Your Business Forward

Making Things Happen NOW to Move Your Business Forward

What we hear from businesses:

I can’t afford to pay for the solution my IT firm recommends
Regardless of an up or down economy, the constant is that Cash Flow is King. For most businesses, cash flow is a common thread for making decisions on investments and expenditures. Many businesses with whom we have spoken have told us that they know they need to invest in their IT infrastructure. BUT, the cash flow is just not there. HOWEVER, in order to take leaps and bounds forward as a business, investing in technology is normally one of the components for achieving this goal.

What is required to get Microsoft Financing?
This program will finance 100 percent of eligible Microsoft, third-party and ISV software; partner services (i.e. the IT labor/services it takes to implement a solution); and hardware…with no hidden costs. This solution gives a business owner a helping hand. There is even an offer from Microsoft for Smart Zero Payments for Six Months.

Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 – Maximize IT with Microsoft Financing!
Enacted earlier this year was an Economic Stimulus Act where Rule 179 was increased, just for 2008,(equipment purchased after December 31, 2007 and before January 1, 2009),to a maximum investment of $800,000. The first $250,000 capital equipment purchases can be 100% expensed and the balance of $550,000 depreciated normally.

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