Create Inside Sales Super Stars!

Finally, a simple, fast and efficient sales and customer service tool designed to help your inside sales people sell more and increase customer satisfaction.

SalesPad functionality includes:
• One Click access to customer buying history (CRM)
• Fast Quote and Order Entry
• Exception Management and Approval for Orders (workflow)
• Inventory availability at your fingertips
• Create Purchase Orders from your Orders

SalesPad is a cost effective, simple tool that provides a one-stop shop for all the information about your customers, what they buy, when they buy, and what price they paid. With SalesPad, your inside sales reps will be able to answer almost any question their customer asks with a single click of the mouse—so they get to the order that much faster!
SalesPad’s powerful workflow will ensure that your orders do not fall through the cracks. Exceptions can be easily surfaced up to management for review and approval before it is too late.

See for yourself how SalesPad will help you better manage your orders, increase customer loyalty and drive sales. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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