What is Scribe Insight Software?

Scribe Insight Software is a provider of configurable data integration and migration software technology for leading enterprise business applications. Their products provide partners and customers with powerful and flexible data integration and migration functionality without having to write a single line of code. Scribe Software now has adaptors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Insight provides a single environment with a graphical user interface in which to map data and manage ongoing integrations. Scribe Insight comes with open adapters for native connection to Oracle and SQL, ODBC 3.0 or better, TXT, or XML files. The application adapters for Salesforce and Dynamics GP allow you to connect through the Application APIs as either a source or a target and conduct operations that include seek, insert, update, and delete across standard as well as custom objects.

The Scribe platform includes the Workbench, a graphical user interface that reflects source and target connections and integrations are designed at both macro and micro level. Object level integration steps, field level mappings, and data transformation are all constructed in the workbench and saved as the Scribe Data Translation Specifications. The Scribe Console allows you to automate the designed integration as well as manage monitors, alerts, and data views.

Scribe has also developed “templates” for common integration scenarios that can be implemented in whole, or in part, and tailored to meet your specific requirements. These templates can be downloaded and act as an excellent starting point for your integration.