Why you might consider Software as a Service (SaaS)

While the financial markets are in turmoil, an interesting thing happened. The Software as a Service (SaaS) market gained a tremendous leg up.

If you think about what has actually happened in the business market, things could not be better for SaaS providers. Access to capital and borrowings is now significantly harder. Lenders criteria is higher and your share-price (and capital value) has tanked.

We’re deep into a recession. That means businesses are going to cut budgets and staff. We have the typical do more with less scenario. It might also mean moving to less fancy offices (including all the hardware and software). IT solutions that can deliver results will get priority. Those that have a speedy time to benefit will hit the top of the list. The business will take charge. If you earn the bucks you will have more of a say in how things are done. This is great for SaaS as it is often introduced despite (or around) the IT department by the business.

So how can you benefit from SaaS? Emphasize the speed to benefit. The needs of the business haven’t gone away. But the way they might get those needs filled has changed. Emphasize the lack of IT involvement needed (compared to on premise). Compare online (SaaS) to on-premise with the cost structures, the ongoing cost burden, the implementation timeframe , the required datacenter.

Is SaaS always the best alternative? No. On-premise has benefits as well but SaaS should be considered — especially in our present economic environment.