Ever Need to Tie a Sales Order to a Build to Order?

Ever Need to Tie a Sales Order to a Build to Order?

Blue Moon Industries has a great add on to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is their SOP (Sales Order Processing) to BOM (Bill of Materials) Link and Disassembly BOM.

When a company sells a product that is assembled to order, it’s important to tie the assembly order to the sales line item. By linking the two with the SOP to BOM link, companies have a clear idea of what assembly orders exist to fulfill specific sales order line items, allowing them to make better business decisions.

Working hand in hand with SOP to BOM Link is Disassembly BOM.

Some business require the ability to break down finished good into its component parts and place those parts back in inventory. You can directly create disassembly BOMs or import them from the BOM module to save time. You can also maintain any number of disassembly BOMs for the same assembly item to support multiple revisions. Breaking apart components purchased as a kit is also an easy process with this product.

For more information, go to BlueMoon’s website at:
http://products.bluemoonind.com/ .