Need a Better Way to Calculate Sales Commissions?

Does your Accounting Department spending 8 hours or more each month computing commissions? If so, CommissionCalc will save 90% of that time, and slash “shadow accounting”, too – i.e. time salespeople spend checking commission calculations instead of selling. It will eliminate overpayments due to errors. Finally, its clear reports, accuracy, and timeliness will improve sales force motivation – and that, after all, is the reason for a commission plan.

CommissionCalc is rules-based: instead of computing commission based on a few fixed criteria, CommissionCalc computes according to your rules, no matter how complex they may be. Do you use sales quotas? Tiers? Deduct for late payments? Pay on partial payment? Split commissions? Pay royalties or rebates? Have lots of exceptions? CommissionCalc can handle all of these, and many more.

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