The Cloud is for large companies with a full time IT staff, too

I met with a very large Financial Services firm today to talk about helping them move from a tier 1 ERP product to Dynamics GP. You might think that odd…going backwards and all…but it happens much more than you migth think. After all, most companies can buy and implement Dynamics GP for a fraction of one year’s annual maintenence with their Tier 1 publisher. And these guys said that they “needed a hammer but bought a jack hammer”…so their Tier 1 product is really much more than they need.

Anyhow, these guys are a pretty good sized company and they have a full time, dedicated IT staff to support their user community. They had attended our webinar series on The Cloud and are very interested in evaluating our cloud solution for Dynamics GP as well as the traditional On Premise option. Now, what is a company with plenty of financial resources and a healthy IT staff doing looking at The Cloud, you might ask.

Well, these guys are being asked to do more with the same IT resources, and they are getting stretched. So, the idea of letting someone else (us) manage the infrastructure for the ERP systems is pretty attractive. Plus, they not only don’t have to support the new Dynamics GP system, but they also no longer need to support the old Tier 1 system. So, their IT team will free up some bandwidth (or maybe just stop working EVERY Saturday).

But in addition to using The Cloud to free up their IT resources, they are also quite interested because going through cloud means that they don’t have to worry about the infrastructure for their ERP system. They don’t have to worry about backups. They don’t have to worry about maintenance, service packs, hot fixes. They just don’t have to worry about any of it. They just plug in, turn on and get to work. Pretty simple. And who doesn’t like simple?