Is the Cloud right for my business?

Cloud Computing is an unavoidable topic for business professionals and there are so many different ways the Cloud can be interpreted. So what should you consider when deciding if the Cloud is right for your business?

Cost Savings
In the present economy, does your business need to save money? Of course it does! Good business practices demand maximizing cash flow no matter what the economy looks like. By not having to purchase hardware, software licenses, or paying maintenance and IT costs, Cloud Computing is a cost effective way to deploy the same apps you are currently using, no matter the size of your business.

Purchasing software licenses means that no matter what happens with personnel within your business, you are always stuck with a set number of software licenses. This may not be a big issue if you need to add a license, however, what if you downsize or have a seasonal business? You will still be stuck with licenses you paid for, whether you use them or not. The ability to scale users up or down depending on business needs to accommodate seasonal workers, or other business factors, scalability is a great advantage of cloud computing.

Deploying through the Cloud means that you can access your business applications from any computer or device with internet access. Work from anywhere, anytime and drive your business into the future. Whether you are working from another state, another country or just need have the ability to work from home when your kids are sick, mobility means everyone in your business will be working at maximum efficiency.

Seems like a no brainer to consider the Cloud, right? The biggest objection that is consistently voiced is, “data is not secure in the Cloud.” Check out the link to another article called How Secure is your On Premise Application? You will discover why this may not be as critical issue as you may think once you consider the source of the information.