Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and partner hosted Cloud solutions, is no longer the powerhouse in Cloud deployed CRM. So what makes Dynamics CRM the superior and most widely used CRM product in the market? Let’s take a look at the key differentiators and find out why Dynamics CRM has an impressive 2.25 million users worldwide.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides comparable CRM functionality at 30 percent less than or more. Customers who elect to add Microsoft Dynamics CRM to their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) agreements can help save additional money.

Productivity: Microsoft Dynamics CRM was built to work with Microsoft Office suites, such as Microsoft Office Outlook® messaging and collaboration client and Microsoft Office Word. is working on its third Microsoft Office integration program in three years to attempt to offer symmetry.

Value: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a full suite of sales, marketing, and service automation capabilities without hidden costs—such as data storage charges or Web API metering. Former customers routinely talk about SFDC’s high fees in data storage, mobile access, data backup, data extracts, and real-time data mirroring services.

Choice: Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed online (by Microsoft or by a partner) and on premise. It also allows organizations to migrate across the two delivery models as business needs change. only offers an online approach and it is very difficult to get off of, and receive your data from if you decide to change solutions or you need to bring CRM on premise.

Integration: Whereas SFDC provides an API for integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a full event-driven integration framework where developers can insert custom business logic and extensions and build a high-scale, highly reliable integration service.

Mobility: SFDC’s mobility is more costly and limited to certain devices with certain functionality only available only for iPad/iPhone. Further, SFDC limits one device per mobile license. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows up to three devices per license across all mobile device platforms including iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows.

Fastest ROI: Dynamics CRM leads all other CRM’s in capability and flexible configurations. It is familiar to users making users more productive and offers the highest ROI in the industry. In a study conducted by Forrester, ROI for Dynamics CRM 2011 is 243% and pays for itself in just 4 months.

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