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According to the following link : http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2966672

If you’re moving your Microsoft Dynamics GP databases and you use the drilldown functionality in the SQL Server Reporting Services or Excel integrated reports, you need to follow the steps below in order to update your server links so the drilldowns will continue to work after the server move:

1. Ensure that everyone has logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and close all instances of SQL Server Management Studio.

2. On a machine where Dynamics GP is installed click on Start, then point to All Programs. Then click to expand Microsoft Dynamics, then GP and click on Database Maintenance.

3. When the utility opens select or enter the SQL Server instance name where the Dynamics GP databases are stored. If you are logged in as a domain account with rights to this SQL Server instance you can select the Windows Trusted Authentication method. Otherwise select SQL Authentication and enter an appropriate user name and password. Click Next.

4. Select Mark All to choose each of the Dynamics GP databases. Click Next.

5. Select the Microsoft Dynamics GP product. Click Next.

6. Select Functions and Stored Procedures. Click Next.

7. Review the confirmation window. Click Next to begin the process.

Note: This process can take some time to run. It will depend on the number of products installed along with the number of databases that need to be addressed. Once this process has completed, your external report drilldowns will work in the new S