Is it time to breakup with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks works well for really small businesses and startups because it gives you control over your cash.  It provides the basics, but eventually as a business grows or becomes more mature the basics aren’t enough.  Follow our simple ‘list of don’ts’ to know when you need to breakup with Quickbooks.

Top Signs it’s time to breakup with Quickbooks:

Double Data Entry: As your business slowly began to grow, so did all the applications that you had to manage, and chances are they didn’t work well together. It’s very common to not think very far into the future and to focus on just solving the immediate problems at hand. Now, you are stuck entering data into multiple systems and it’s challenging your people.

Trying to Configure QuickBooks to do things it wasn’t designed to do. There is an entire network of consultants whose sole job is to make workarounds to hack in QuickBooks. Thousands of blogs and articles are available as well. It’s a bumpy path to try to stay on QuickBooks when it’s really time to separate from them and find a real solution.  Remember, it’s not you, it’s them.

Can’t Keep up even after hiring someone: As you grow, processes become more complex and require more time. At a certain point, it’s detrimental to your overall business because QuickBooks is not designed to automate complex business processes.  You will continue to throw more people into the equation because replacing QuickBooks is perceived as harder when it’s really holding you back.

As an owner you won’t feel in control and won’t know what’s really going on in your business. There used to be one-to-one communication between you and your employees. But, now there is an extra layer of management and you are disconnected from almost every aspect. Without an audit trail, it’s impossible to trace who has done what, which not only puts you at risk for fraud, but chokes your company’s growth. In QuickBooks you don’t have an audit trail, so users can delete whatever they want.  You need a real accounting solution.

Information to run your business: Sure, QuickBooks can give you sales performance reports for the past quarter or year, but you can’t get to the next level. To ensure continued growth, you need insight into current activities and developing trends.  The right solution can give insight into what exactly drives your profit and the ability to manage your cashflow to ensure you have enough capital to manage growth, among other things.

QuickBooks worked when you were small and helped you with bringing cash in and sending cash out. If it’s time for you to breakup with QuickBooks, or you can see the time isn’t far off, don’t wait.  We’ve worked with and spoken to many customers who stayed on QuickBooks too long.


Njevity’s list of Don’ts:

  • Don’t wait until it takes 10 minutes to login because you have too much data.
  • Don’t wait until your database size is so big you have to either delete data or use a tool to compress.
  • Don’t wait until someone steals money from you.
  • Don’t wait until you have corrupted data because of poor processes.

We know it’s a scary proposal to change your accounting system, but we can mitigate the risk and pain associated with the move. If you are growing, you will eventually have to get off QuickBooks. Make a plan now so that you can do it over time and not have the pressure of a failing business because you waited too long. We can help.

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