Njevity Award Recipients of 2020

Every year, the entire team at Njevity gathers together during a week in the summertime. We call it Team Week, and it gives us the opportunity to get to know one another in a format outside of the office. Team Week also allows us to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and look forward into the new one. This special week was created by our President & CEO, Chris Dobkins, and is highlighted by an evening where we get to celebrate some of our teammates in a special way.

Though this year looked a little different than it has in the past, the first week in August was still dedicated to this special time. A couple weeks prior, all of Njevity could reflect on the impact we have had on each other and then share that impact in a unique way. Njevity is held to five values against which we hold everything. Each of these values has a very well defined meaning. And each year, we at Njevity submit recommendations team members who have personified these values over the past year. Those nominations are then considered and the awards are presented for the following categories: Commitment, Courage, Curiosity, Caring, and Commitment.

We are so thankful for the value and impact of these exemplary team members, and we are so honored to present them to you.

Dawn Prigmore received the award for Caring. Dawn was described by her team as “Always being so thoughtful and always willing to step up and help with something work or not!”

Windi Epperson received the award for Courage. She was described as “Always standing up for what is right, even if it isn’t a popular or fun choice.”

Josh Yockey received the award for Commitment. According to his teammates, Josh “Always jumps right in when there is a problem and is not afraid to do it.”

Emily Roen received the award for Community. Emily was highlighted for her “Ability to show Partners, Customers, and ISV’s how much she cares about them. I think this is why she was handpicked for the concierge position.”

Paige Horne received the Curiosity award. She was described by her peers as “Loves learning new things, trying new things, and gets excited about it.

We also have a special award called the Doug Burgum Award for Overall Excellence. It is Njevity’s highest honor. This year’s recipient was KJ Krueger. Her team described her as “Never being afraid of something new, and always willing to step up and help in any situation.”

This was certainly a special Team Week here at Njevity, and we hope next year we are all able to meet in-person to get to congratulate and celebrate. In the meantime, we will continue to serve our partners and customers and strive to provide exceptional business application experiences that simplify, inform, and delight!