True Cloud VS Hosted Cloud: And the Third Option that Offers It All

What Type of Cloud Do You Need?So, you want to go to the cloud with your ERP or accounting system? Great! Here’s a quick tip – the first question to ask is: What type of Cloud do you need?

When you start searching for cloud solutions, the terminology can get confusing quickly with SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, True Cloud, Fake Cloud, real cloud, hosting, Azure, AWS, and the list goes on… So, let’s dig deeper to help with clarity.

First, it’s important to note that when moving your ERP or Accounting system to the Cloud, it’s best if you can stay on the current system you use. It’s a big lift to move to the Cloud and replace a system you already use unless you are having significant issues getting in your way, because learning an entirely new system and shifting your processes to fit it will be a lengthy and costly project. So, keep that in mind. 

To help answer “What type of Cloud do you need?”, the first question I would like to know is what business problems are you trying to solve?

Do any of these reason resonate?

  • Not wanting to constantly maintain any hardware 
  • Thinking of tax implications (ie: Operating Expense vs Long Term Asset) 
  • Advantages of Pay per Month vs Large expenditures for software and hardware
  • Considering the much lower risk of a cyber attack and your data being held hostage by ransomware
  • Understanding costly software upgrades that will come with privately hosting a purchase
  • IT burden of patches, backups, and other maintenance 

If any of these reasons hit home, we are on the path to understanding the business goal and which type of Cloud will be best for you and your operations. What type of Cloud you choose isn’t the most important thing, it is what you are going to benefit from being in that Cloud. Your Cloud choice must give you ability to focus on the business, rather than the systems that support it. Understanding the business goals makes it easier to focus on the best route forward, but it also leads us to a very important counter question – 

What are you willing to give up? 

  • Control over your data  
  • Access to your data
  • Control over your software updates 

A question I asked myself a long time ago, is why do I have to choose? Why can’t I get all of the benefits? Why do I have to give up any of these three things?

And that’s why PowerGP Online was born.

With PowerGP Online, you can get all of the advantages and leave behind the disadvantages. How? Here are some highlights:


Cyber attacks don’t just happen to the big companies anymore. Even small businesses can be vulnerable, and the world is full of all levels of hackers. Cloud providers have the right resources and the experts who understand this world and ensure that it’s protected. 


In the Cloud world, it can be a grey area on who owns the data, and if you do own it, you aren’t always guaranteed access to it. With PowerGP Online, you own your data and have access to it whenever you want it.

PROTIP: Whatever Cloud you choose, ask if you own the data and if you can get your databases with the data whenever you want it when you want – even if you are leaving that Cloud. 


Being able to choose when an update happens gives you predictability to know when a problem may occur, it also makes sure you don’t get an update during an inconveniently busy time. With PowerGP Online, you’ll have that option!  

IT Ambassadors 

Going to the Cloud shouldn’t replace your IT team. It should give them the ability to focus on strategic initiatives rather than your ERP or accounting systems. It’s like outsourcing the ERP stuff to people who really understand it. Cloud experts take care of the hard stuff like Security but also Cyber Attacks. PowerGP Online has the Cloud and the Accounting experts


Maintenance isn’t just someone to patch systems. Someone is needed to look at the details and know what patches to add and which ones might cause havoc. PowerGP Online has industry-insider knowledge and understanding of what to do when a software patch does cause problems in the ERP system. 


PowerGP Online is more than just Dynamics GP in the Cloud. And it’s more than just Dynamics GP. Take the next step to discuss how PowerGP Online is your Smart move to the Cloud by emailing



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