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5 Reasons why you Should attend GPUG Summit 2019

GPUG Summit is THE place to be for anyone involved in the GPUG community in any capacity. GP professionals from every part of the country descend on the yearly convention to build lasting relationships and create valuable partnerships that will help transform your business using the product you love. Whether you’re in IT, a Controller or the CEO of your company, GPUG has something for everyone. Here are 5 reasons you and your company should attend GPUG Summit 2019 in Orlando, Florida.  1. Networking: GPUG Summit is the ONLY in-person conference in North America that is specifically for Dynamics GP users. Take advantage of being able to speak directly with prominent members of the community and engage with others that share your questions and vision for the future of Dynamics GP.    2. Educational Speaking Sessions: Learn new ways to enhance the Dynamics GP experience with live speaking sessions and demos from leaders in the GP community, such as Njevity’s own Belinda Allen, Pam Misalek and Chris Dobkins. These sessions will better inform you on how to capitalize on different GP add-ons and services.    3. Meet New potential [...]

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The Vendor and Customer Combiner and Modifier Utilities in GP

The Vendor Combiner/Modifier and Customer Combiner/Modifier officially became an option in the Sales and Purchasing Utilities menus with the release of GP2015.  Previously, these tools were only available in PSTL.  However, it recently became clear to me that many users are still surprised to find these options.  Whether users have just avoided going into the Utilities menus or their security settings prevented them from seeing this “new” utility, once they discover it, they almost immediately can come up with a list of customers or vendors they have been wanting to fix “forever.”  Do you have more than one Vendor IDs or Customer IDs for the same Vendor or Customer?  Have you had to remember which of the duplicates to use, inactivate one or mark one clearly as Do Not Use?  Now you can use the Combiner utility to merge a source (or the bad) Vendor/Customer into a destination Vendor/Customer (the one you want to keep).  All Work, Open and Historical transactions for the source Vendor/Customer get combined [...]

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Microsoft PartnerSource and CustomerSource is changing how Technical Support incidents are handled

Have you been in the Microsoft PartnerSource portal lately? If you have, did you notice the sliding banner that mentions PartnerSource and CustomerSource Technical Support Entry is being Decommissioned? It’s not April 1st or April Fools Day, it’s really happening and it’s happening this Friday! (3/15/19) In an attempt to “modernize” the technical support for Dynamics Partners and Customers, support will not be handled in PartnerSource or CustomerSource. Instead, https://support.microsoft.com will be used for all support issues.  Normally, I would applaud the goal of keeping everything consistent; however, I’m a bit concerned about Partner’s ability to assist their Customers will support issues.  Let me explain. For about 28 years I’ve been in a position where I help GP Customers with support issues. I always kept on eye on questions my customers were asking for a couple of reasons: If I saw a customer was having a large number of support [...]

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User Password not recognized by Dynamics GP

We ran into an issue recently with multiple servers where a newly created user could not log into Dynamics GP on an RDP server and received the error user password not recognized by Dynamics GP. The Dynamics GP credentials worked fine on some Windows sessions, and not on others. Even when the password was blanked out in SQL using Management Studio, the user could set a password, but when attempting to log in, the user login was denied. One of the things that we found was that the Dynamics GP ODBC connection was being used as an Excel workbook data source, as well as for Dynamics GP. This seems to be a fairly common practice from the partners that I talked with. What we found was that when the user changed the default database for the ease of use of Excel, it appears to have changed the SQL connection string [...]

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CRM modifies Employee Behavior

Deploying CRM in an organization brings about changes in business processes and modifies employee behavior. CRM can touch every department in an organization from sales, finance, production, to customer service. CRM places the customer at the center of your business. This shift to customer-centric affects the entire organization and can require changes to processes and the business culture. With a properly implemented CRM system, information about customers is shared amongst the various business areas. All this information makes up the business intelligence necessary to make the best decision about finding and retaining the best customers. Out of the box Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the tools for Sales Force automation, Marketing and Customer Service. However the system's design may need to be modified to fit your business through customizations. Selecting a flexible CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for easy customization and adaptation to your business. A system that [...]

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Pacifico’s Beauty Products Now Integrates Online Orders Right Into Microsoft Dynamics GP

Here is a case study on one of Njevity's customers, Pacifico's, in which Scribe Software was used to integrate online orders into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Pacifico’s Beauty Products is a leading distributor of Aveda brand products, serving over 200 salons and spas in a six-state region stretching from Montana to New Mexico. Traditionally, salons would submit product orders to Pacifico’s by phone or fax, and the company’s three customer service representatives keyed the orders into Dynamics GP. But, with as many as 300 line items per order, each order could take hours of intense manual effort. The biggest challenge Pacifico’s faced was transforming hard-copy orders from an application called SalonBiz, into a format that could be transmitted over the Web. For a copy of this Scribe Software case study, please send an email to sales@njevity.com .

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I know about CRM, but what is xRM?

The acronymn CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to automation of the marketing, sales and customer service areas of a business. Out of the box, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application handles all three areas. The acronymn xRM is where the MS CRM program doesn't stop as just an out of the box application, but is an actual development platform. Substantial modification can occur to the three areas I mentioned above, but also in areas totaly unrelated. That's where the 'x' in xRM comes in. For example, the United States Air Force is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a major extension to their human resource system to track training, certifications, experience and the like on Air force personnel. This is certainly not an area of the traditional CRM but the Microsoft product easily can be customized to handle this other non-traditonal CRM subjects.

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Njevity—A 100% Microsoft Partner

Ok---you know Njevity is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and you know Njevity is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist. But did you know Njevity is a 100% Microsoft partner? What do I mean by that? I mean that all we sell and support externally is Microsoft but also all we use internally each day is also Microsoft . We are a 100% Microsoft partner. We use each of the products we also sell. As I have said before, we eat our own dogfood!

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New Blog from the Team at Dynamics GP

New Official Dynamics GP Blog---Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP is a multi-author blog from the Product Managment and Marketing Team at Microsoft Dynamics GP that includes Pam Misialek along with Errol Schoenfish, Jen Dorsey, Gerice Anderson, Ben Corwin and Andy Westby. Having that many contributors means lots of posts and information from the experts! Here is the link: http://blogs.msdn.com/gp/

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