Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues with a Connected Back Office

The Business Case for Integrated ERP   ERP software (Financial, Inventory, Production and Human Resource Management) is in the middle of a fundamental and profound paradigm shift that is affecting companies of all sizes, from the Global 1000 through small and medium sized business—no one is immune. Organizations that embrace and exploit these sweeping changes will be poised to dramatically lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and save the most precious commodity of all—time. Those companies that fail to adapt will be left behind, unable to compete in a world of lower cost alternatives with better customer service and higher customer loyalty.   Far too many companies today still use ERP software in a ‘Closed System’ environment. That is, their ERP software is only able to accept inputs from people—it is unable to talk to other applications and systems that contain data relevant to key business processes. This may take the [...]

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