Njevity Made Accounting Today’s VAR Top 100 List

Njevity has made the 2020 VAR 100 List by Accounting Today! This is an incredible honor and a testament to all of the hard work and innovation from everyone on our Njevity Team. Check out the full list here.  This accomplishment is only made possible because of the support from our incredible Partners and Customers. We love making this list year after year, and we're excited continue to providing exceptional business application experiences that simplify, inform, and delight! 

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Bob Scott’s Top 100 List

Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs of 2019  Another year of making the list! We at Njevity are excited to be sharing the Bob Scott’s Top 100 VARs list with fellow community members once again.   As our customers know, Njevity strives to improve the life and success of our Partners and Customers by providing exceptional business application experiences that simply, inform, and delight. Our daily engagements within our own community, and being honored by making this list, tells us we are succeeding. And we thank everyone who helps to make recognition like this possible.   If you’d like to learn more about Njevity’s offerings, you can visit us here.   And if you would like to know more about taking your existing Dynamics GP environment into the cloud, you can see a few short videos here.   Or email us at info@njevity.com.   

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Think you can make a difference? So do we.

At Njevity, we believe in making a difference in our community and in improving the life and success of our partners and customers. We provide exceptional business application experiences that simplify, inform and delight. It’s why we created PowerGP Online. It’s why we have data experts, security experts and GP experts, among other talents. Here, you get the opportunity to transform businesses by uncovering new technologies while continuing to work with the product you know and love, Dynamics GP. Here, you get to collaborate with a team that values Caring, Courage, Commitment, Community and Curiosity. There’s no place like Njevity. Interested? We are looking for several people to join our team or to be independent consultants we work with. If you’re a self-starter, highly driven, like to get things done and align with our mission and values, we are looking for you. We need people who are naturally curious and [...]

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Njevity Recognized in Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs List in 2018

Njevity, Inc. is proud to announce that it’s been recognized by Bob Scott’s Insights in the Top 100 VARS list for 2018. The Colorado based VAR is solely focused on providing exceptional business application experiences for Dynamics GP.  One of the biggest reasons for Njevity’s success is their commitment to enhancing the user experience.  Njevity was also an early adopter of providing Dynamics GP through Cloud to Customers in 2011.  They expanded their Cloud business and started selling their Dynamics GP Cloud solutions through Partner in 2013.  Today, Njevity has nearly 3,000 users who connect to Dynamics GP every day in their secure cloud environments that were built and optimized solely for an exceptional Dynamics GP experience. With Njevity’s launch of PowerGP Online, Dynamics GP reinvented for the Cloud, Njevity further made a commitment to the future and success of customers using Dynamics GP in 2016.  With bundled in third [...]

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Is it time to breakup with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks works well for really small businesses and startups because it gives you control over your cash.  It provides the basics, but eventually as a business grows or becomes more mature the basics aren’t enough.  Follow our simple 'list of don'ts' to know when you need to breakup with Quickbooks. Top Signs it's time to breakup with Quickbooks: Double Data Entry: As your business slowly began to grow, so did all the applications that you had to manage, and chances are they didn’t work well together. It’s very common to not think very far into the future and to focus on just solving the immediate problems at hand. Now, you are stuck entering data into multiple systems and it’s challenging your people. Trying to Configure QuickBooks to do things it wasn’t designed to do. There is an entire network of consultants whose sole job is to make workarounds to hack [...]

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Top 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies in 2018

Njevity, Inc. is proud to announce that it’s been named one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies in 2018. A few years ago, Njevity started innovating an easier path to the cloud by creating PowerGP Online which is Dynamics GP reinvented for the cloud. Their journey to rethink how accounting software can be sold, implemented and used has set a fast pace for cloud adoption. “When we first came up with the idea to create an easy, fully automated, portal driven cloud deployment for Dynamics GP that enables our Partners and Customers to get up and running quickly with a modern mid-market Cloud ERP that accounting departments actually love to use, we were not sure if was even possible. But our team of curious and committed cloud architects, Dynamics GP Experts and .NET/DEX Developers engineered a solution that blows my socks off every time I see it!” says [...]

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Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Fund

One of the great things about the Dynamics GP Community is our passion.  Whether you are in sales, consulting, marketing – it doesn’t matter.  We all show the love we have for the product, the community, the customers and each other. Those not in this community have a hard time understanding that we are like family.  Many of us spend time together outside of work, we know about each other’s kids, significant others, and many times we share bonds that go even deeper.  I personally have a few in the community that understand personal struggles, family issues, personal celebrations, etc. Our Community lost one of these passionate family members.  For Njevity, and me personally,  it hit hard.  She was first and foremost a friend, one that we could share personal struggles and celebrations with, someone that I think of daily.  She will forever be someone that I miss. Brooke Webb [...]

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See you at GPUG Summit

Njevity is headed to GPUG Summit 2016, are you?We are heading to Summit – Are you?It’s conference season.  The time of year where it’s difficult to get things done, especially things needed to prepare for a conference.  But it’s also the time to invest in your company, and your team members. Summit is THE conference for GP users.  While we as partners also attend, the real benefit is from the group of peers that will become your friends, and your ‘go-to’ for GP items.  One of the things we love the most about GP it it’s community.  Being a part of something that is many times like family.  The GP community prides itself on knowledge sharing and supporting each other.  Trying to find that in other areas if difficult if not impossible.If you haven’t been to Summit before – this is the year.  It has geared up to be the LARGEST [...]

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Smith & Allen Consulting joins Njevity

  Belinda Allen Njevity, Inc. and Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. (SACI) are pleased to announce they are joining forces effective April 1, 2016. The combined organization will be known as Njevity, Inc. The combination of these two organizations will provide more geographic reach for Njevity and will add a second Microsoft MVP in Belinda Allen to the Njevity team. SACI is a Microsoft Certified Partner with both east coast and offshore team members, and has over 25 years of experience delighting customers with Dynamics GP and business intelligence solutions. "Njevity and SACI share very similar core values and cultures and are both focused on delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. The blending of our teams will provide our customers with a greater number of Dynamics experts to serve them. Plus, Njevity's expertise delivering Dynamics GP in the cloud will provide our customers with a world class cloud option that [...]

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Is Payroll Processing Required to Add Employees to Work Centers in GP Manufacturing?

When setting up work centers in GP Manufacturing it is possible to add employees to a work center and calculate labor according to employee pay rates, even if you don't own the Payroll Processing module. Employee and Pay Code master records are available as a standard part of GP, and can be linked to work centers. To assign an employee to a work center: 1. Create the Employee ID in the Employee Maintenance Window. (HR & Payroll >> Cards >> Payroll >> Employee) 2. In the Work Center setup, add the Employee ID and subsequent details for that work center. You can also calculate labor in WIP according to specific Employee's pay rate, rather than using the standard labor cost. The steps for this are outlined at https://www.njevity.com/blog/calculate-specific-employee-labor-rates-gp-manuf....

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