A One-Two Combination: External and In-House Training Vital for Successful Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

In a recent GPUG webinar, new adopters of Microsoft Dynamics GP revealed how effective implementation of Dynamics GP is highly dependent upon diligent, comprehensive, role-tailored training.

Participating in the user group session, “Currently Implementing Companies,” a user working for a North Carolina city shared her successful story of utilizing both consultants and an in-house resource for training. While the consultants visited the 400-person organization for several days of overall training, the in-house resource focused on what the “regular” users need.

Although Microsoft training materials and manuals are helpful, they are oftentimes not easily applicable for individual users. The in-house trainer tailored the generic Microsoft instructions to the unique practices of the company and the needs of individual users. The GPUG host also offered the following advice:

Implement the “train-the-trainer concept,” in which a core group of trained users ultimately become trainers themselves to help others across the organization.

Since companies may use GP differently, establish documentation for how GP is used in a specific area to support a specific business process.

Develop training materials and tools drawing upon real examples from experiences of early users

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