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Njevity is your Colorado Dynamics GP Partner and largest Dynamics GP Cloud provider. With nearly 3,000 users who connect to Dynamics GP in our Cloud every day, we have helped customers of all sizes, over hundreds of deployments, grow their business using Dynamics GP. We’d love to help you choose the deployment that is right for you. Whether you need 1 user and are looking to grow or you have 600+ Dynamics GP users, we’ve done it all.

Dynamics GP Partner

Deployment Choice

PowerGP Online

Dynamic GP reinvented for Cloud. In collaboration with Microsoft, Njevity created a 100% Dynamics GP SaaS Solution powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud meaning you can use Dynamics GP as a true web application through any browser. We have enhanced the user experience with bundled in functionality for a simple, yet exceptional modern experience your users will love.

Dynamics GP Subscription

Have more complex Dynamics GP needs which require additional infrastructure but still want the simplicity of SaaS? Our Dynamics GP ToGo Subscription offering is for you. In addition to connecting to GP through the web browser, your users can also log in through Remote Desktop if you have integrations or third party solutions that require additional infrastructure.

Dynamics GP Hosting

BYOL (Bring Your Own License) plans are perfect for existing Dynamics GP customers who are current on their Dynamics GP enhancement but are ready to ditch their servers for a rich Cloud experience. Easily light up tech heavy features of Dynamics GP like web client, Jet Reports, and Power BI while paying a low per user per month fee for infrastructure managed and maintained by Dynamics GP experts

Dynamics GP On Premise

Still have internal IT that wants to manage Dynamics GP On Premise? No problem. We have many customers who we support on premise today.

Why Businesses Love Microsoft Dynamics GP

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