Recommended LinkedIn Training

What follows below is an email I received from Mike O’Neil of Integrated Alliances here in Denver. Mike is a personal friend I have known for over 15 years. I have taken some of his LinkedIn training classes and have also received direct instruction from Mike and I can recommend him highly to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and use of LinkedIn. Mike is GREAT!

Here is Mike’s email:
I am pleased to say that we are directly connected on LinkedIn. I too am located here in Colorado.

We have amassed a tremendous amount of expertise in the 150+ LinkedIn trainings we have delivered (to over 3,000 attendees).

We share this expertise in WEBINARS and in HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS in Colorado. Our schedule is convenient, the time required is short, the ROI is enormous and the cost is low.

A variety of formats are available in WEBINAR and WORKSHOPS versions:

1. General LinkedIn 101 Training (Sept 18)
2. Sales and Marketing Training (Sept 16, 25 and 30)
3. Recruiting and HR Training (Sept. 17 and29)
4. Job Seeker Training (Sept. 9 and 18)

Pricing varies from $69 to $169 depending in the program and the timing of your registration. All trainings include our 30 page LinkedIn Profiles guide to help get you optimized.

I expect that this might be of interest and, if I am correct, you can send me a return note or you can visit to learn more.

We also provide PRIVATE versions of this training that are customized to your company’s needs.

Interested in B2B networking events? IA’s SocialNet Denver features the LinkedIn Live Lounge and it is Sept. 23 in LoDo (see the IA website for information).

Mike O’Neil
President and Lead Trainer, Integrated Alliances