What's your Compelling Reason to Change your Software?

Now that just about all businesses are using some version of accounting software, I am finding that more often than not, businesses just do not want to change their accounting software unless there is an absolutely compelling reason to do so. That is, unless the pain they are experiencing currently is so painful that each day at work is a struggle to use the software or unless the new software application can so improve their current business processes, they just do not want to change.

This is understandable when you think about it. Data from the old software needs to be migrated to the new or at least a portion of time committed each day to getting information into the new system if data is not converted. The new software needs to be learned so it becomes as automatic to use as the “old favorite” the company has been using for years. And then any of the systems that feed the accounting software may need new interface programs written or at the least a change in the business process so that information is getting into the new software. Yes, when you look at those things, the thought of changing your software does become daunting.

I mention all of this because of a new customer that Njevity has just starting working with recently. They fit the mold of “we REALLY do not want to change our software” when I first talked with them. But when I was able to find out more about their current business processes and start laying out that process so they could see all of the inefficiencies, the compelling reason to change became very clear. They saw that unless they changed from the software they had now that did not support their business process, they would continue to experience each day at work being a struggle or worse.

When I showed them a vision of what their day could be like with accounting software that supported and streamlined their business process, they were eager to find out more. When they saw the software solution that I was proposing and how it solved an number of their current problems, they were eager to get started and are now well on their way to the realizing the benefits of a new software solution.

So my question to you today is, what is your compelling reason to change your software? Have you looked, really looked, at your current business process and identified the inefficiencies that exist? If not, do so today so the goals of what you want to achieve can be identified. Now you have your compelling reason to change.