Once in a while a free product comes along that is soooo good…

I have been using a free add-in product to Internet Explorer for some time now that just saves me a “ton” of work. It is priced right (FREE!!), works with all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and just does its’ job without getting in the way! I am talking about RoboForm.

I am going to copy from Adrianne Machina’s blog (http://tornadomktg.com/blog/small-products-that-change-our-lives/ ) her comments about this amazing product.

Small products that change our lives

Every once in a while a product comes out that is so simple but so ingenius that I can’t help but marvel at how I lived without it! This is exactly what I think everytime Roboform goes to work. So, I felt it was my duty to share this product with you.

If you’re like me, you have at least 20 different websites you go to each day that have a required login and password to get onto the site. Now, for most of us, we use the same login information and password for most of them, but sometimes that isn’t possible (requires a certain number of letters, numbers, etc). Often we can memorize the passwords that we use all the time. But, I have over 100 websites that I have login and passwords for. I can’t remember all of them…and I wouldn’t want to try! So, we create a document (or use an ewallet) that stores all of that information so we have it on hand when we need it. But, you still have to go look it up! What if your computer could remember it?

Or, what about all those forms that ask for your name, email, phone number, etc just to download a document or to request more information? Or order forms? They realistically don’t take that long to fill in, but why waste your time?What if you had a way to only type it once and your computer could remember it?

Roboform to the rescue!! Roboform is a software that you install into your computer, and works in your internet browser as a storage and filling program.

For example, when you go to Yahoo! and enter your username and password, Roboform pops up with a screen that allows you to store the information and then next time you go, there is a button at the top of your browser that says ‘Yahoo!’, you jus click it, and it enters the login information for you. You can organize your logins in folders just like your favorites and make it easy to find just what you are looking for. You can also select the website you want to go to through your Roboform, so no more remembering those 100 website addresses either…it keeps it all for you (and keeps it organized!)

Then, they have a great form section. You go into the form and enter in all of your information. It stores it all for you. When you go to a website that asks for form information you click on your form filler button and it fills the correct information into the appropriate spaces. It makes it so simple it’s scary!

In all honesty, this program isn’t going to really save my life, but the amount of time it saves me from looking up passwords and entering forms certainly seems like saving me a lifetime! Check it out, what do you have to lose? They have a free trial!