An Abundance of Riches

Earlier in the week, I commented about the perception of being rich and being poor was contrasted in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. It got me to thinking about how incredibly rich the Microsoft Dynamics GP software and related products are. When I got into the Great Plains channel over ten years ago, I was always pleased and proud of the awards the Great Plains (now Microsoft Dynamics GP) tech writers received for the user manuals they wrote. The awards got to be so numerous that it was almost embarrassing.

I was reminded of this “abundance of riches” surrounding the GP product when a prospect recently asked for the user manual (they now cal them user guides) for the Project Accounting module of GP. When I searched the Microsoft Partner website, I could not find one. Instead, I found five manuals about Project Accounting!! One on the Personal Data Keeper, one on Accounting Controls, an Administrator’s Guide, a Billing Guide and a Cost Management Guide!

Wow, what an “abundance of riches” for a software product. This is just way more information than how does the software work. This is information about fitting the software into the business processes of your company.

Thinking that I might have somehow missed just the User Guide for the Project Accounting module, I queried Microsoft resources and got the following reply:

Hello Alan,

Thank you contacting the Microsoft Partner PreSales Technical Assistance Team.


You were trying to find Dynamics GP 10.0 Project Accounting User Guide. When you search in partner source for this user guide, you could find only

1. Project Accounting Personal Data Keeper
2. Project Accounting Accounting Control Guide
3. Project Accounting Administrator’s Guide
4. Project Accounting Billing Guide
5. Project Accounting Cost Management Guide

Hence you wanted to know if PA user guide was available for download.


Dynamics GP 10.0 PA user guide is written into multiple documents focusing on the each process, hence it is not available as a single user guide, instead you have multiple user guides for each process in PA.

Hope I have answered your questions, Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Yep—we really are “rich” with Microsoft Dynamics GP!