Ideas for Capturing Time

Here is a great follow up Anne Stanton posted about time keeping.

Ideas for Capturing Time
1. Make it as easy as possible for team members to capture their time. Great software makes a big difference.

2. Incent time entry; although do not loose sight that capturing time is as required as showing up to work presentable and on time.

3. Everyone is motivated differently, individually figure out what the sticking point is on those problem people and make changes to deal with it. If the change is letting the person go, then just do it although it might just be shifting the motivation variables.

4. If it takes two and the economics make sense then use two. It wasn’t that long ago that most Senior Executives had assistants. If an assistant can capture 90% of a CEO’s time and 80% of that is billable at Senior Executive rates than perhaps that capturing will pay for the added resource (not to mention all the other benefits of better utilization of time against appropriate tasks).

5. Regularly share key Information so that team members understand how their efforts are making a difference.

6. Watch out for negative motivation. Charging staff when timesheets are late can backfire into low moral, sure it might work and be a good reminder for offenders, but unplanned staff turnover is expensive.

7. Utilize Peer Pressure.

8. Move toward pre-scheduling, pro-active services. Anticipate what will break and service it before it dies. Managed hardware, manage software, manage services.. Set the schedule and let staff checkoff that the service was done. When staff are reactive and juggling five different things it is much harder to capture all the time.

Posted by Anne Stanton on September 25, 2008 at 08:33 AM in Technology: CRM/Work Flow/Business Process Technologies