Have you heard of Microsoft Dynamics Communities?

Were you aware of the online communities Microsoft makes available to financial, sales and marketing and customer service people like you? Ever wished you could collaborate with other Microsoft Dynamics users of business best practices or get help solving a stubborn problem? If so, then check out both the business and technical communities at https://community.dynamics.com/ .

Here is an excerpt from the website:

Business Communities
Learn from and collaborate with individuals who work in the same way you do. The business communities are a great way to meet and collaborate with others who work in finance, sales & marketing, or customer service roles.

Customer Service
The new Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service community is a rich online resource designed specifically for professionals like you.

Interact with other Finance Professionals via the Blogs, Forums, and Networking tools; learn more about the topics of most interest to you via the Featured Articles and Expert Columns.

Sales and Marketing
Calling all sales & marketing professionals, join the new Microsoft Dynamics Sales & Marketing Community today to collaborate, share and learn.
Technical Communities
Online technical communities for the Microsoft Dynamics products and technologies. Visit them for access to technical newsgroups, connection with MVPs and other product information. These communities target those who implement, develop, or support Microsoft Dynamics products.