More Detail About Microsoft 0% Financing

Here is some more information I just received today from Microsoft about their 0% financing.

We are all feeling the impact of the economic conditions in the United States and abroad. Adapting business to an evolving marketplace is critical for survival. Everyone will be looking for innovative ways to create new business and improve their long-term competitive position in the market. We believe innovation is about transforming new ideas into products and services that drive profit. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to provide the technology and tools that enable people to use their experience and insight to drive business success. We are happy to announce a 0% financing offer.
TOTAL SOLUTION FINANCING (TSF) OFFER – Available Wednesday November 19, 2008
Microsoft Dynamics, in coordination with Microsoft Financing, is featuring a 0% interest rate for new purchases that meet the approved offer criteria. Here are the details:

Q. Is the 0% financing for new customers only?
A. Yes, the Microsoft Dynamics 0% Financing Promotion is only available to new Microsoft Dynamics CRM or new Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers. However, existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers can take advantage of the promo if they purchase a NEW Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, and existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers can take advantage of the promo if they purchase a NEW Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.
Q. Is all Microsoft Software eligible for the promotion?
A. No, the Microsoft Dynamics 0% Financing Promotion only applies to new customers buying Microsoft Dynamics ERP license including the first year of BREP and the Dynamics CRM SKUs that includes both License and SA. Any additional Microsoft product, including SQL Server® and Dynamics Client for Office which includes Microsoft Office SharePoint® sold off the Dynamics Pricelist, can be financed with Microsoft Financing’s standard terms and conditions.
Q. Why aren’t you offering 0% financing for existing customers?
A. Microsoft Dynamics is committed to helping our customers invest in their businesses even in uncertain times. The initial costs to acquire and implement a business application are usually much higher than annual maintenance and additional user licenses. The 0% finance offer is focused at helping customers who are facing the initial larger capital outlay. Existing customers can still get additional purchases financed through Microsoft Financing at standard terms.
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