Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10?

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10? Mind the New Security Settings: The folks at the Merit Matters Blog offer a quick introduction for those of you who are upgrading from Dynamics GP 9 (or lower) to Dynamics GP 10, and point out the major differences in the security settings:

“In lower versions of Dynamics GP, we spent time defining users, making user classes, granting access users to user classes, defining advanced security User access and so on. Now, we have a completely different, but less complicated system. The Security model in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is based on tasks and roles. Each role contains a few tasks, each task contains a group of allowed operations and the system administrator assigns the appropriate roles to each user.

The user has default access to only the forms necessary to access the core application. The user must be assigned to one or more roles that provide access to the forms, reports, and tables needed to complete specific tasks.”