A Commitment to Microsoft Dynamics Customers from Microsoft Corporation

A Commitment to Microsoft Dynamics Customers from Microsoft Corporation

Here is a letter from Corporate Vice President Kirill Tatarinov on why all the Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Lead to the Future.

All Microsoft Dynamics® Solutions Lead to the Future

A commitment to Microsoft Dynamics customers from Microsoft Corporation

It started in 2001: Microsoft’s important commitment to the business applications category
through the acquisitions of industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and
the funding for development of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Today,
our business applications are a core component of how we help companies become People-
Ready businesses. One of the biggest business decisions Microsoft made to date was whether
or not to enter the business applications area; we have no regrets. We are even more bullish
about the Microsoft Dynamics® business now than when the multi-billion dollar acquisition
happened in 2001.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last seven years – both at Microsoft
and through our partner relationships – and how those accomplishments help us deliver on our
mission to enable people and businesses to realize their full potential. Together we’ve built a
global business that delivers breakthrough solutions for customers across a broad spectrum of
industries and geographies. Nearly 300,000 customers are members of the Microsoft Dynamics
community, and new customers are joining at a rate that significantly outpaces overall market
growth. As a prospective or existing Microsoft Dynamics customer, whether you select
Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft
Dynamics® NAV or Microsoft Dynamics® SL, you can be absolutely confident that we are
committed to preserving your investments today and enhancing them moving forward. Our
commitment to deliver innovative functionality across multiple product lines is obvious: across
the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, we’ve delivered 12 major product releases in
six years.

The investments in our products continues, as evidenced by the common user experience,
innovative RoleTailored approach, and deeper connections to Microsoft Office, Microsoft
SharePoint® and Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services now being delivered in each of our
Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Additionally, greater scalability, new Internet applications,
increased integration with Web services and more reporting capabilities are reflected in our
current releases. In short, the solutions enable improved individual productivity, better
business insight across the organization, and a tremendous potential for increased company

Equally important to your solution is the customer service that accompanies it. With our
Business Ready Customer Care initiative, we have established a new standard for customer
service by extending support beyond industry practices for our Microsoft Dynamics ERP and
CRM solutions. With mainstream support for five (5) years, extended support for (5) years and
custom support for beyond 10 years, we offer the longest support lifecycle in the industry.

The initiative also provides greater visibility into future development plans through product-
specific statements of direction for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. These
statements of direction, delivered 12 to 18 months in advance of the next version release,
provide increased visibility into the direction of each solution, allowing you to more efficiently
manage your infrastructure and plan predictable upgrades. Additionally, the initiative enables
you to engage with a vibrant Microsoft Dynamics user community and influence future releases
of your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Simply put, the Business Ready Customer Care initiative
gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

In summary, we are more committed than ever before to the Microsoft Dynamics business.
We continue making investments in all Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. Choosing a
Microsoft Dynamics solution is a smart and safe long-term decision, and together with our
partners, we will deliver even greater value through this exciting family of products. Thank you
for choosing Microsoft Dynamics.

Best Regards,

Kirill Tatarinov
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Corporation