Have you heard about Rockton Software 'SmartFill" product for Dynamics GP?

SmartFill is a quick data-entry tool that lets you enter data in GP using what you know rather than what you don’t. For instance, you know a Customer’s name, not their ID, so SmartFill lets you type in their name (or part of the name) into the ID field and finds the correct ID for you. It does the same with vendors, employees, items, etc. throughout all IDs in GP. For accounts, for instance, you can type in “cash” instead of your account number, and the cash account will fill into the account number field for you.

SmartFill is like a google search on all your data. It makes data entry incredibly fast, saving valuable time and frustration. It’s fully customizable on what it searches. A 5-minute demo on Rockton’s website (www.rocktonsoftware.com) can show you quickly how wonderful this product is. Everyone who uses it raves about it, and it’s repeatedly touted by customers as the “must-have” for any GP implementation. Rockton’s so confident that customers will like SmartFill, they’ll pay you $25 just to watch their 5-minute demo online.