It's Easier to Use Excel!

It’s easier to use Excel

This is an interesting comment we have heard from customers and prospects when they look at different software solutions. “It’s just easier to use Excel!”

True. Excel is easier than learning any new software especially when most people already know how to use Excel.

Yes, Excel is easier. Paper is even easier than Excel. As a matter of fact, just leave it to the memory of the managers and employees to run the projects right as well as to bill accurately and on time. Lack of accountability, poor traceability (who did what when) and transparency, the potential for errors, unknown security and worse fraud is more likely to occur. One thing is for sure, there is a lot more job security. You can make yourself indispensable with fancy manual processes and spreadsheets flying all over the place or as I have heard it called “The Spreadsheet Rodeo”.

But just watch the news to see how loose processes, lack of accountability/transparency can lead to disaster.

Yes Excel is easier … in the short term.