Things are not as they seem… when to get a consultant involved!

“I get this cryptic error message.”

“I entered and posted a transaction that was wrong.  What do I do?”

“I tried everything that CustomerSource said to do but it doesn’t fix the issue.”

When do you need to get a consultant involved and why?  Any of the three statements above should be an indicator to get us involved.  Here’s why.  A number of times, Dynamics GP will give you an error message that is cryptic and indecipherable.  Further, there are other situations where we should get involved, including wrong postings or when you have exhausted your options.  Here are the reasons why:

First, do no harm!  When you have a cryptic message or a bad transaction, trying to fix it yourself can be risky.  For example, an error message that appears can be researched but the level of expertise necessary to fix it may be beyond your skills.  A few key indicators include:  any resolution that involves running a Utility in GP, anything that requires your database to be backed up, anything involving SQL Server or any resolution that involves changing a setup record.  The reasons for calling us into the situation include:  Possible damage to the database, possibly making the transactions and audit trail more convoluted or simply making a change that will affect further processing. 

The value of bringing in a consultant is that the consultant understands many complex variables that apply to your system.  First, they understand the setup and processing rules of your system.  The consultant will know why your setup and configuration is the way it is.  Second, your consultant understands the processing behind the GP system.  They have the experience to know which tables and fields are populated and which ones can be modified without disasterous results.  Finally, your consultant will have the technical expertise to apply fixes without causing further damage.

In summary, when in doubt, call!  We are here to help and many times, we can resolve the issue quicker, less expensively and more completely than trying to fix the issue in-house.