Cloud and Mobility – Notes from Convergence 2012

Why do we care about Cloud Computing and Mobility?

Where are you now?  Are you at your desktop?  Are you reading this on a tablet?  A phone?  What is your preference?

The same considerations need to be made when considering your consumption of business data.  Let’s face it, we are all (or at least in my circle of friends and colleagues) afflicted with some sort of attention disorder.  Most of us, as business people, will be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that we live, breathe and eat business.  That means that during our business meetings someone will bring up a topic and we’ll wonder to ourselves “how is my cash position?” or how are my “receivables”?  How we answer that depends on where we are at and which device we have at our disposal.  

Microsoft at their highly successful Convergence 2012 with a record attendance of 10,500 people, announced that their strategy is to provide many new applications that are development platform agnostic in order to answer your most pressing questions.  Microsoft announced an ‘all of the above’ strategy that means that they will no longer limit their apps to just one platform or development environment.  This means that Microsoft will no longer box themselves in with just the tools that they, themselves, have created.  

Instead, as you will see with Windows 8 and other deployments of the OS that Microsoft will deliver to you the content most meaningful and in the most used platforms.  Therefore, you won’t be limited to consuming the information on a Windows device but instead, on any device.

Couple this with increasing scrutiny of Droid and iPad applications and you will find that the future of mobile applications will change the way you perform your work today and well into the future.  Stay tuned for additional reviews of Microsoft apps and how they affect business today and tomorrow.