Technology Evolution and the future of Cloud Computing

I was recently involved in a conversation with a prospect and after discussing his needs to upgrade to a Cloud based ERP solution; we began talking about business processes 20-30 years ago. At the ripe old age of 28, obviously, I was stunned listening to the archaic methods and thinking about how slow business must have moved back then. His reply was, “yes, business did move slow, but, we were running around like little chipmunks trying to keep up.”

I then began to consider how much has evolved and changed over those 20 years and all of the advancements in technology and software during that time. When you sit down and think about it, where will we be in another 20 years? I will be 48 saying things like, “back in my day, we had this thing called email, and it was how we communicated.” Or, “we used to have these things called smartphones. Looking back, they sure were dumb.”

Think about the evolution of cell phones, desk top computers, or servers in only 10 short years. How about 20 years? Have you ever thought, “I really wish I could go back to a bigger cell phone that would only make phone calls and would consistently drop my important calls?” Chances are, you have embraced the new technology and couldn’t imagine having to take a step back in time without your small phone, clear phone call conversations, texting, facetime, or the rich online experience you get with smartphone today. So, why is there such a pushback from IT about moving to the Cloud when the technology is available to simplify business operations and save money? If anyone should understand the advancements in technology and the benefits, it should be IT, right?

The reason that IT refuses to embrace the future of Cloud Computing is the need to stay relevant in a changing industry. IT must adapt to the changes and determine where their niche is in the Cloud Computing world. Until they do, they will not be as objective as you would think because Cloud Computing is taking away their jobs and power within organizations. CXO’s will eventually realize the cost advantages of deploying apps in the Cloud and that there is no longer a need to have a large IT staff. They can then reallocate those savings and invest into growth driving departments like sales and marketing. So, embrace the Cloud and the technology available before it is too late and your business becomes irrelevant in an ever-changing world.