State of the Technology Union

What is the state of the Technology Sector today?  With unemployment at 8.2 percent, what is the future for technology experts?  

I am pleased to say that “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”  (Reference to a favorite 80’s song)

As I was reading this BusinessWeek article, I thought this would be an interesting topic to address.  Although published in August of 2011, this article is even more applicable.  I believe that as an industry, we live and thrive when the sector as a whole is successful.  There is a great deal of competition in the Tech Sector, iCloud, Windows Azure, Google and Amazon’s Cloud are all vying for customers who are interested in the Cloud.

However, reflect back to just three years ago.  In 2009, the terminology of Cloud Computing was just catching on.  Now, a mere three years later, Cloud Computing is such a defacto term that even non-Tech people get it.  It has become so prevalent that people are reinventing themselves around Cloud Computing and notice in the BusinessWeek article that the first skill mentioned in the article is for “cloud computing engineers”.  Also note that the next two skills are for “security experts and mobile developers”.  

In previous blogs I have written about the future of Cloud Computing and Mobility.  It is evident that these two skills, combined with security experts, represent the three most in demand skills.  That tells me that the Tech Sector is serious about mobility, serious about cloud and recognizes that there must be a very sophisticated security model to support this future.

What does this mean for you, as a user of technology?  Innovation and Solutions.  Innovation being the creation of new, yet unthinkable solutions.  Solutions are the real-world services that make your life better.  The more investment in the Tech Sector means that you, as a user of technology, will have the real-world capabilities of Mobile Business Apps.  Imagine this:  instead of purchasing an entire Time & Expense system for your employees, you purchase a Time app, and Expense app and other apps that are available for download from the Cloud!  Gone will be the days of deploying thousands of dollars of software just to get time and expense functionality for your users!  

In conclusion, I recommend that our users continue their research into Cloud Computing and consider the best fit applications to meet your critical business needs.