Calculate Specific Employee Labor Rates in GP Manufacturing Without Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing is not required in order for Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing to calculate labor according to specific employee pay rates.

For WIP to use an employee’s pay rate, the WIP settings need to be correct. In addition, the Pay Code needs to be linked to the Labor Code of the routing sequence, and the Pay Code must also be linked to the Employee ID.

Complete the following steps:

1. Make sure that in WIP setup, the box next to “Always Use Standard Labor Rate” is NOT checked. (Manufacturing >> Setup >> System Defaults >> WIP)

2. Set Up the appropriate Pay Codes (HR & Payroll >> Setup >> Payroll >> Pay Code)

3. Create the Employee ID in the Employee Maintenance Window. (HR & Payroll >> Cards >> Payroll >> Employee)

4. Link the Pay Code to the Employee ID – In the Employee Pay Code Maintenance window, select the Pay Code and complete the information, including the employee’s pay rate. (HR & Payroll >> Cards >> Payroll >> Pay Code)

5. Link the Pay Code to the Labor Code – In the Labor Code Definition window, enter the associated Pay Code in one of the available fields Pay Code fields. (Manufacturing >> Cards >> Labor Codes)