Make Your Life Easier Using the Snipping Tool

Make Your Life Easier Using the Snipping Tool

Can’t read that? Welcome to the world of problems that shouldn’t exist anymore in the 2100 century! It sounds simple, but just to be safe I’ll tell you how to make your – and our life easier.

Whenever you have an IT problem of any kind, you often will be asked to take a screenshot of the error or the problem you are seeing on your screen. We have received pictures taken from a Smartphone, tiny screenshots of 3 displays linked together and of course the general question how to do that…

The answer is short and very simple: Snipping Tool

























Just click on your Windows start button or press the Windows flag on your keyboard and start typing “Snipping Tool”.

This tool lets you capture a specified area as an image. Simply click on “New” and mark the message or error you want to save as an image. Once you’ve done that, you can save / email / highlight / or re-snip the virtual picture you just took.

If your Operating System is Windows and not older than 10 years (which I hope for you is the case), Snipping Tool is part of your Operating System and does not need to be extra installed.

Generally, Snipping Tool can also be very handy when creating documents or instructions.

For more detailed information, you can check out Microsoft’s official site: