When should you upgrade your software?

When should you upgrade your software?When should you upgrade your software?













In today’s business environment, we are surrounded by software that seems to be constantly changing. As a professional software developer, I spend the majority of my time working on software that I hope people will use as soon as possible. When releasing a new version of a product, I believe that the newest version is the best version for a customer to use.


While the most recent version of the software might be technically best, that does not mean that your business should upgrade to it immediately. I have also spent the last few decades of my career in leadership positions within the businesses I have worked for and I know from experience that upgrades should be planned for times when it is appropriate for your business.


I believe that any software you use in your business should be on a supported version of the product by the developer. Most professional software solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, have multiple versions of the product supported at any given time. The primary reason for this is that Microsoft understands that business need to find an appropriate window to upgrade their internal systems.


So, the next time you see a new software version, or even a new software product, which will positively impact your business, remember to take some time to evaluate a good timeframe to make the change. A poorly timed upgrade can create unnecessary stress on your business and your team, while an upgrade that aligns with your business strategy can be a positive experience for everyone.


I believe I speak for most developers when I tell you that I want you to upgrade so that you and your business can benefit from all of our hard work in development. Just remember that your business strategy comes first and you need to find a good timeframe for the upgrade.