Newest Release Details for PowerGP Online – June 2021

Newest Release and Features Update for PowerGP Online: June 2021

We're at it again! New features and capabilities have been added to PowerGP Online and the PowerGP PowerSuite.

On June 23rd, 2021, Njevity released the newest version of PowerGP Banking, and we’ve enhanced the capabilities within PowerGP Import.

Please visit our PowerGP Online Article listing the details of the features included in this release.

More capabilities will be released soon – along with the welcoming of a new member of the PowerGP PowerSuite – PowerGP Financials. This summer, we will be adding a new tool that comes at no extra cost with our PowerGP Online bundled editions. AS always, we at Njevity are thankful for the opportunity to simplify, inform, and delight with PowerGP Online – the SMART path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP.

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