Dynamics GP on Premise vs Dynamics GP hosted-What’s the Difference?

Dynamics GP On-Premise Deployment

      1. Control: With on-premise deployment, the customer has complete control over the hardware, software, and infrastructure. They can configure and manage the system to their specific requirements.
      2. Security: Since the system is hosted on the customer’s own servers, they have full control over the security of their data. They can implement their own security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards.
      3. Cost: On-premise deployment typically requires a higher initial investment in hardware and infrastructure. The customer is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the servers, storage, backup and network equipment.
      4. Maintenance: The customer is responsible for maintaining the system and performing upgrades, patches, and backups.

    Dynamics GP Hosted Deployment

        1. Scalability: Dynamics GP hosted deployments allows for greater scalability as the provider can quickly and easily add or remove resources as needed.
        2. Access: With a Dynamics GP hosted deployment, users can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or remote employees.
        3. Cost: Hosted deployment typically requires lower upfront costs as the customer does not need to purchase and maintain their own hardware and infrastructure. Instead, they pay a monthly or annual fee to the hosting provider.
        4. Security: Dynamics GP hosting providers like PowerGP Online typically have more  robust security measures in place to protect their customers’ data. This can be particularly useful for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to implement their own security measures.

      Overall, the choice between on-premise and hosted deployment depends on a variety of factors, including the customer’s budget, IT resources, security requirements, and scalability needs.  If you’d like to know more about hosting Dynamics GP, we’d be happy to help you evaluate your options.