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News from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

I have the Microsoft WPC App installed in my Facebook. This morning, I eagerly poured a cup of coffee, got onto the app and began watching the Keynotes. Steve Ballmer spoke extensively about the new Surface tablet coming out soon. Then he turned over the presentation to Tami Reller -- VP at Microsoft. Tami and I worked together when I was at FRx Software and she was at Great Plains. She demonstrated the Windows 8 applications, OS and hardware. She announced that Windows 8 will release to manufacturing in August and on machines by end of October, 2012. She demonstrated many touchscreen machines and one that I liked a lot, the Lenovo Yoga -- a laptop that folds into a Tablet form factor. If you buy a Windows 7 PC today you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (she said 1499... I believe that would be $14.99 and [...]

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CRM Blitz Day 1 – Catch the fever!

I think we can agree that Dynamics CRM is one of the most useful and dynamic tools on the market for sales, marketing and customer care. So what can Microsoft possibly do to make CRM better? After sitting through the CRM training blitz this morning about what’s new in the Dynamics CRM 2011 update, I will say it is exciting. Even though the CRM team is using the corny catch phrase, “catch the fever,” after going through the training “I got a fever, and the prescription is more cow bell…I mean CRM.” Ok, so maybe my Saturday Night Live reference does not directly apply but Microsoft has done a lot with this update and I am excited to see the doors that will be opened with the new feature set. There were four key trends that the Microsoft CRM team emphasized about the future of business and how the CRM [...]

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Cloud Computing and Mobility Apps The perfect storm of mobile ERP, CRM and BI

Continuing the conversation about Cloud Computing, I ran into this article through a Google Newsfeed this week.  It seems to me and to the author of this post that some companies are not taking Cloud seriously.  Tagging onto my post from a couple of weeks ago, the author agrees with my conclusion that deploying enterprise applications through the Cloud is really the "secret sauce" (my words).  Cloud Computing's core components have been with us for years.  Virtualization, service provider licensing, remote access, .net development platform.  However, it's only been the past few years that we, as a Cloud Computing Industry, have been able to fully deploy the Cloud.  The next evolution of Cloud is "app-ifying" specific components of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).  We have seen CRM become one of the first applications to app-ify components such as Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks and Activity Management [...]

Facebook Marketing

  Facebook and (gasp) Twitter are excellent ways of holding a conversation with customers and prospects.  I prefer Facebook due to the nature of the conversation that can be accomplished.  However, let's look at what makes this successful. First, setup a Facebook Fan Page, not a Group.  A Group is good for more tight-knit groups of people.  Fan Pages are for publicity.   The key components of success are this: 1) Make sure your Fans are people who are interested in your product, solution or service.  Inviting family members, friends of different interests and other types of non-related people will look good but it will deliver little in the way of results.   2) Take the time to fill out your Page with a logo, videos, photos, etc.  Don't leave it to the imagination as to what you do.  Be explicit. 3) Post meaningful content.  Content is king and will [...]

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