Need something more than Microsoft Office Accounting Express?

Need something more than Office Accounting Express?

If the free accounting software package from Microsoft that I mentioned in a blog post earlier this week doesn’t meet your needs and you need somehting more, the next program I recommend you look at in getting software the fits is, Microsoft Office Accounting Professional. Office Accounting Professional 2008 is the new name and version for what was previously Office Accounting 2007.

How does Office Accounting Professional differ from Office Accounting Express?

Here are some of the differences:
1. It integrates with the Microsoft Retail Point of Sale (POS).
2. It provides cash flow forecasting tools and reports.
3. It provides a company dashboard.
4. It comes with several business templates or you can create your own that allow you to export to Microsoft Word. Quotes, sales orders, packing slips and invoices are just some of the items you can use templates for.
5. It allows employees working with Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager to mark appointments in their Outlook calendars as billable time and, with a single click, transfer that information to Office Accounting Professional 2008 to create invoices.
6. Office Accounting Professional 2008 also enables you track revenues and expenses to monitor total job profitability, create multiple budgets, compare actual revenue to projected revenue, and compare invoices versus quotes for better business planning.
7. You can generate an invoice that includes an integrated PayPal option to help you get paid faster where customers simply click the PayPal link in the invoice to pay.
8. Office Accounting Professional 2008 also provides a credit card processing option.
9. Office Accounting Professional 2008 provides easy access to Equifax credit report services to obtain credit reports.

How is it the same as the Express package?
Both provide:
1. Data integration from Microsoft excel, Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Money.
2. Uses the familiar Microsoft Office interface.
3. Allows you to list, sell and process items sold on eBay.
4. can accept credit card payments using Chase Payment Services as your merchant bank.
5. Can send forms, letters and reports using your email.
6. Provides financial reports.

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