Staying Up When the Market's Down

Here is a great checklist from one of the social networks I connect with regularly:

Staying Up When the Market’s Down
FOUNTAINBLUE GROUP NEWS, October 31 – Staying Up When the Market’s Down
By Linda Holroyd, CEO, FountainBlue
Seasoned executives are used to the ebbs and flows of the valley — the high-highs that makes even nerds giddy, and the deep troughs of emotions and fortunes as the bubbles burst. But this time it’s different — it’s global, it’s personal, it’s pervasive, and it’s IN YOUR FACE. What’s more — it’s an indication of times to come.
I’m an optimist; I can’t be a successful entrepreneur otherwise. But it’s hard to stay up when the market’s down. Yet, we must all stay up and keep optimistic and hopeful to navigate the troughs together, making the ships sturdier, the channel more protected. Here are some tips for doing so:
1. Know Yourself and Believe in Yourself
Regardless of your personal professional situation right now — as an entrepreneur, as an executive, as someone in transition . . . Take the time to know what you’re good at, what you enjoy doing, and what value you have in the market. Adjust your perceptions of yourself, but always believe in yourself. If you don’t it’s hard for other people to believe in you.
2. Take Care of Yourself
Many of us are going through uncertain times — whether your funding is unsure, or whether you might be the next layoff victim. Regardless of these external circumstances, be good to yourself — nurture your body, mind and spirit. Make choices that will balance your interests and your needs. Manage the stress of the uncertainties as best you can.
3. Forgive Yourself
In uncertain times, it’s easy to keep second-guessing yourself, and to berate yourself for past infractions. Remember that successful people focus on the present and the future. They don’t focus on past perceived failures. Instead, they congratulate themselves for making the attempt, and take the lessons with them on the next journey, making them stronger, more versatile and more knowledgeable!
4. Define Your Cause
When you know yourself, take care of yourself and forgive yourself, you’ll have a strong foundation. Next, you have to find the fire burning in your belly. What are you passionate about? How does it relate to what you’re doing now? Or does it?
5. Envision, Plan, Execute
Once you’ve defined your cause, envision where you’d like to go, create a plan for getting there, and execute on that plan.
6. Persevere — It Beats the Alternative
You might have the wrong cause, the wrong vision, the wrong plan. You might even end up worse than you are now. You might have to temporarily give up your dream to deal with practical realities. But persevere. Don’t give up on your dream. Do learn from the course corrections and adjust what you want and how and when you would get there. Just keep pushing the cause, and celebrate any forward momentum.
7. Connect with People Who Make You Stronger
Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and help you to think outside the box. Gravitate to people who are willing to brainstorm with you to mitigate risks rather than shooting down ideas because they are risky. And be more versatile about how others’ style and approaches might complement your own.
8. Create a Network that Supports All
Create an ecosystem that connects quality people to each other for direct and indirect benefit to all. Hint: People who see a win-win world of abundance are better for your network than people who feel threatened by competitors or people who believe in the value of receiving more than the value of giving.
9. Reach Out for Additional Resources
Don’t expect that you and others in the network will have all you need to succeed, but do plan on how you will get those additional resources and connections to succeed!
10. Keep Growing!
It’s not a destination, it’s a journey. Enjoy the ride.