Microsoft Dynamics GP: Thriving Past End-of-Life Rumors

Njevity’s Journey with Dynamics GP

Many of you know Njevity as the creators of PowerGP Online. But in addition to providing a modern, authentic cloud experience for Dynamics GP Customers, we are also a Dynamics GP ISV (we have created several products like PowerGP BankingPowerGP Connect and PowerGP Payments), and we are Dynamics GP VAR (Value Added Reseller aka Partner).

Njevity is all of these things, but Njevity is also a Dynamics GP Customer and we have been since 2006. (We are also a PowerGP Online Customer… and we use PowerGP BankingPowerGP Import and PowerGP Connect EVERY month to keep our business running).

Debunking the Dynamics GP End of Life Myth

As a Dynamics GP Customer, we hear the same things that you do. We hear that we have reached the end of life for Dynamics GP. We get emails from Microsoft and other Dynamics GP partners that contain misleading information and straight up falsehoods designed to scare us into spending time and money that we don’t have to move to another system that does less than Dynamics GP and our ecosystem of ISV solutions (RocktoneOneAccountable Software, and Jet Reports). And we get phone calls from people pretending to work for Microsoft selling us on a “promotion” to purchase licenses of BC to shift our “Annual Maintenance” to “monthly payments” (but no one can ever tell us what happens to our Dynamics GP perpetual license rights when that promotion expires).

Personally, I’ve been in the Dynamics GP community since 1995, and I’ve been hearing these kinds of rumors and lies ever since Microsoft acquired Great Plains Software in the year 2000. The funny thing is, the rumors and lies are always self-serving to the person(s) spreading them; and always detrimental to me as a customer for whom Dynamics GP fits perfectly.

Njevity’s Unwavering Dedication to Dynamics GP Beyond 2028

In the almost 20 years since 2006 (when we became a Dynamics GP Customer) we have added so many reports and integrations that Dynamics GP really has become the epicenter of our business, and the data about our customers that flows through it is our life blood. Why on earth would I replace it with something that does less? Why would I go back to managing certain aspects of my business with spreadsheets after working so hard to replace the spreadsheets with automation? Why would I intentionally take my business backwards AND spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to do it?

The simple answer is: I wouldn’t.

Personally, I believe that Dynamics GP will continue to be updated and supported by Microsoft well past 2028 (and beyond). And I know that even after Microsoft stops supporting it, businesses like Njevity will keep on supporting the customers that still see no benefit to moving to something else.

Steering Clear of the Cloud ERP Labyrinth

Even if I did want to move, where would I go? Most of these cloud ERP systems are like a maze with no exits – once you check-in, good luck checking out. And most of the traditional alternatives (think Sage and SAP) are pushing their customers to their Cloud products (that also do less than their Client/Server counterparts… yeah, I said it: “client/server”. When was the last time you saw THAT in a blog? Did they even HAVE blogs back then? 😊).

Dynamics GP Meets All Our Needs

My Dynamics GP system is serving my business extremely well. It does everything my business needs it to do. And with the APIs we have in the PowerGP Online cloud, I’m able to integrate with other cloud apps, use PowerBI, PowerApps and PowerAutomate. It really is everything that my business needs. And I am certainly not going to put my business through the chaos, friction and cost of an Accounting / ERP system conversion if there is not something that my business really needs at the end of that tunnel. (and helping some salesperson earn a commission by letting them scare me with half-truths and misdirection is NOT something that my business needs!).

So for now, and for the foreseeable future, Njevity will keep on betting on (and LOVING ON) Dynamics GP.