How an XRM Strategy can save you Time and Money

So you work at a company with complex business processes that require much more than a typical out-of-the-box business application can provide. You want a single system that meets all of your needs, but no such application seems to exist (no, not even in the AppStore…). In the past, your options were generally limited to cobbling together several disparate systems or leveraging the future of your business to have an application custom built from the ground up specifically for you. But now, you have a much better option. It is called XRM.

XRM is a relatively new term that refers to the building of custom business logic and functionality on top of an exisitng CRM system such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. But how is this better than traditional custom application development? Quite simply, when you build on top of the Dynamics CRM platform, you can develop all of the unique functionality required by your business using the latest .NET Development Tools while also taking advantage of the many in-the-box capabilities of Dynamics CRM. As a result, you can leverage the existing functionality for Account, Contact, Activity and Opportunity Management as well as the help desk, knowledge base and marketing components of Dynamics CRM without writing a single line of code. Instead of investing your time and treasure in the development of these basic elements, you can focus your development efforts on the areas that truly add value to your business.

If you build your custom XRM application on the Dynamics CRM platform, you can also immediately incorporate the following Dynamics CRM capabilities:

  • Security

  • Workflow

  • Reporting

  • User Interface Design

  • Office Integration

  • Data Modeling

  • Web Services

These are just a few of the ways in which combining the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform with your custom XRM development efforts can add tremendous value to your business. You can provide your users will all of the power, functionality and ease of use of the Dynamics CRM system without sacrificing any of the capabilities upon which your business relies. You get a single, packaged application upon which to run your business that includes all the unique functionality you require to really run your business. And you can get it all in less time and at a lower cost than any previous option.

For more information, I invite you to read the following article by Shan McArthur of ADXStudios Inc., titled, “An Introduction to XRM for a .NET Developer“. Then give us a call and we can help you quickly start to formulate your XRM strategy so you too can start saving time and money while making your users more efficient, your customers more satisfied and your business more profitable.