Microsoft releases Performance Benchmark White Paper

This week, Microsoft released a white paper detailing performance benchmark tests to help illustrate the scalability and performance of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The recent benchmarks prove yet again that even under the most strenuous of environments, Microsoft Dynamics GP continues to perform quite well.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP team completed 3 separate performance benchmark tests.


  1. 500 constant concurrent users in the rich Microsoft Dynamics GP client, all engaged in heavy transaction processing or analysis activity across various functional areas of the solution. 

  2. 500 constant concurrent users in the rich Microsoft Dynamics GP client in addition to 10 instances of continuous (synchronous) integrating Web Services clients creating Sales Order transactions. 

  3. US Payroll testing, including both check processing and payroll reporting for a 30,000 employee organization.



Here are the Summary Results:


User Test Transactions per 8 hour day Transaction Lines per 8 hour day
500 Concurrent Users 2.96 million transactions 9.85 million transaction lines

500 Concurrent Users plus 10 Web Service Instances

3.2 million transactions 11.29 million transaction lines


Payroll Test Time to Complete
30,000 employee check run & reporting


  • Build, Calculate, Print and Post 30,000 checks: 8 hours

  • Month-end reporting: 1.56 hours

  • Year-end reporting: 49.4 minutes

  • Total time for check processing and reporting: 10.4 hours



If you want to download the entire white paper, click here.